About Neo Media

Header_aboutCreated in 2003, Neo Media develops comprehensive and innovative web-based solutions, design and creative services, web-platforms for state and municipal administration and for educational purposes.

HostingIn order to offer a complete service to its customers, Neo Media created and developed over the years its own hosting centre. The experience in maintenance, renovation of the hardware base and constant monitoring and updating software provides a good background for the development of web based projects – corporate web sites, e-commerce, social networking and mobile applications, CRM platforms, etc. The websites and platforms, created by Neo Media, are built with the latest web technologies, with a design that aims to be up to date with the global trends.

Following programming languages, technologies and databases are used by the studio: Php 5, Xml, Ajax, javaScript, JQuery, HTML5, CSS3, REST, MySQL, PostgreSQL. All our products contain integrated system for update / management of the content. The studio integrates public CMS Systems – WordPress, Magento, etc., as well as the author’s development of the company – NeoCMS.

skillsThe team of designers, developers and administrators of the company has many years of experience in the construction and maintenance of Internet projects and server systems, in security and server solutions.

Neo Media has expertise in development of multilingual educational web products and platforms as subcontractor in international projects, websites of municipalities and regional governments.